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About VIMAC Ventures

VIMAC's investing model is founded on two core principles—respect for the entrepreneur, and humble acceptance that nobody has seen the future. New business creation is essentially a collaborative enterprise where success requires continuous learning and broad-based sharing of innovative ideas.

Based in Boston, we deploy capital in early-stage companies located in the eastern U.S. and Canada. Today, we have two separate investment teams—one focused on early stage ventures in IT/Adv.Materials technologies and the other focused on life sciences.

To date, VIMAC investments have led to the creation of over 20 successful companies that continue to generate business innovations in IT, communications, and Internet technologies. These investments today account for over $2 billion in market value. The fund seeks to make about five new investments each year. A new investment typically goes into a Series A or Series B round with adequate reserves to support subsequent funding until the company exits via a trade sale or an IPO. Over its lifetime, a company is likely to receive $5 million to $15 million from the fund. The life sciences team makes investments from the VIMAC Milestone Medica in early stage biotechnology and medical device companies.

We lead or co-lead most investments and our managers play a very active role on portfolio companiesí Boards of Directors. Often, we invest in a company's first institutional round of funding and maintain support throughout the company’s lifecycle. Along the way, we maintain a close working relationship with the management team, helping them refine business plan, build go-to-market strategies, enhance capital efficiency, find early customers and partners, and grow the business.

The Canada connection

Over the past five years, VIMAC Ventures has leveraged its Boston home base and extensive network of affiliations in Ontario and Quebec to become one of the most active U.S. venture firm in Canada. This unique cross-border position, anchored by our presence in Montreal and Ottawa, gives us preferred access to some of the most attractive venture investments in Canada. In turn, our extensive U.S. relationships provide our Canadian portfolio companies with powerful, direct interaction with U.S. resources in company development and market penetration. Approximately one-third of our portfolio consists of companies originated in Canada.

Proven experience
for emerging companies
VIMAC Ventures is the successor to VIMAC Corp. and VIMAC LP, which began funding startup companies in 1982. We achieve success by practicing an investment philosophy based on close collaboration among our partners and portfolio companies; a high ratio of investment managers to companies under management; and, last but not least, never taking ourselves too seriously.