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How We Work

We like startups that show promise of future leadership through technology or business model innovations. Occasionally, we come across teams that are studded with stars. But, more often, we will invest in companies that exhibit fresh entrepreneurial grit and ambition, as well as a vision of game-changing innovation that can change existing industry dynamics in their favor. VIMAC typically begins with an investment of $1 million to $3 million in a Series A or B round, and takes an active lead position. In general, we expect to participate in 2-4 rounds of investment in a company's lifecycle, totaling investment of $5 million to $15 million per company.

Investment Criteria
We like startup companies that have the following characteristics:

Capital Leverage. They develop solutions that leverage an existing technology infrastructure to create radical economic impact on enterprise and/or consumer markets, without requiring substantial change in established user behavior or market dynamics.

Financial Screen. They require less than $30 million in total investment to achieve sustainable market leadership.

Controlled Growth. They emphasize capital efficiency in each aspect of growth. Their business plans allow for disciplined, milestone-driven growth toward profitability.

Partnering for success
Over time, we partner very actively with every company's management team to help them achieve their goals for growth and market penetration. We also work closely with the company's other investors to make sure there is adequate capital, guidance and external resources to succeed on a large scale.