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VIMAC is the successor to VIMAC Corp. (Venture Investment Management Company) which began funding startup companies in 1982 on behalf of Swiss investors looking to capitalize on emerging technology investment opportunities in the U.S. Over time, the firm developed closer ties with high net worth investors and entrepreneurs predominantly located in the U.S. and eastern Canada. These networks led to some outstanding successes in early years. The strong performance and expanding network of technology investors provided the foundation for the firmís evolution into a more traditional venture capital firm in the mid-1990s.

Since then, VIMAC has invested over $200 million in early stage companies that account for over $2 billion in market value. Current active funds include VIMAC I.T. III and VIMAC Milestone Medica Fund. Both funds provide equity financing to young entrepreneurial companies in eastern U.S. and Canada.

A collaborative culture
Twenty years after our first investment, VIMAC's culture continues to be heavily focused on a close and collaborative style of decision-making. All portfolio managers have deep and varied experience which gives them a uniquely broad perspective. We carry a higher proportion of experienced investment managers than our peers, allowing professionals to get deeply and personally involved in the portfolio.