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At VIMAC, our relationship with entrepreneurs extends far beyond the amount of cash invested. Our experienced managers not only participate in portfolio companies at the board of directors level, but also play an active role in coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs.

Some of the ways we help our portfolio companies include:

  • Business plan refinement
  • Overall business strategy development
  • Company and product positioning
  • Product strategy and planning
  • Sales strategy, design and deployment
  • Branding strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Introductions to key technical experts, customers and partners
  • Management planning and recruitment
  • Board of directors and board of advisors development
  • Assistance in raising follow-on rounds of capital
  • Guidance in the public offering and M&A processes

It's your vision
Our active support is balanced and tempered by our understanding that entrepreneurs and their management team drive the company vision and strategy. We are careful to use our resources to augment and nurture—not supplant—your vision.

Backed by an extensive network of contacts, VIMAC brings entrepreneurs the guidance and support they need when creating a customer base, finding partners, raising a company's profile among press and analysts, and understanding new markets and industries.