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VIMAC is a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have built successful startups or led successful companies. In other words, we understand the myriad strategies, countless decisions and endless details that entrepreneurs must orchestrate—because we've been there.

Capital is only one piece of the puzzle
Our philosophy is simple: Industry insight, business acumen and relationships are the lifeblood of every successful startup—and capital is only one piece of the puzzle. That's why we work closely with each portfolio company, contributing the lessons we've learned as entrepreneurs and applying our hands-on startup experience. We also bring market expertise, a strong professional network and our successful investment track record to help companies fortify their corporate vision, solidify their business strategy and deliver on their promise.

We become a true partner to our portfolio companies, providing them with more than simply financial backing—we give them the management support they need to grow and flourish. Our assistance is balanced by our understanding that entrepreneurs and their management team drive the company vision and strategy. We are careful to use our resources to augment and nurture—not supplant—your vision.