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Who We Are

We are in the business of building businesses. To that end, we make our best efforts to bring together drivers of success that include the right set of entrepreneurial ideas, product and market strategies, business leaders, business alliances and capital. We have achieved success by staying out of the crowd. Looking at our portfolio companies and our successful exits, you notice very quickly that our deals are unique and we give opportunities to first-time entrepreneurs. We honestly believe in forming teams with fresh talent because, when it comes to the venture business, nobody can predict the future. We can all just try.

What makes VIMAC different?
The answer, of course, is our people… and the culture we have created for working with entrepreneurs and investors. That culture is grounded in four elements:

True early-stage investing. It is well recognized that with increasing fund sizes the venture firms have tended to favor later stage investments over early stage opportunities. It is ironical that, as the venture industry has matured, the entrepreneurs find it ever harder to attract early institutional backers. At VIMAC Ventures, we recognize that our successes have come from partnering with early stage companies and we want to stay that way. Nonetheless, early stage investing is risky and we never ever presume to have all the answers. This realization drives us toward a close and collaborative style of decision-making, both internally and with our portfolio companies and co-investors. In turn, this develops a mutual sense of trust and partnership with the entrepreneurs in an environment where we both learn from each other.
First-hand experience. Every VIMAC investment professional, from the most junior to the most senior, has substantial hands-on operating experience outside the investment management sector. And most of us have held senior roles in both startup and later-stage companies. We have learned powerful lessons from our successes and—sometimes especially from—our failures, and we approach the selection and management of portfolio companies with these lessons firmly in mind.
Perspective. We believe this deep and varied experience gives our investment decision-making a uniquely broad perspective: perspective that is especially valuable in recognizing and dealing with opportunities and problems in the fast-changing environment of early-stage companies. In fact, all of our senior managers have spent parts of their careers outside the technology-driven industries, and we believe this gives them an ability to avoid the "group-think" that can set in when individuals all share the same limited frame of reference.
Involvement. VIMAC carries a higher proportion of experienced investment managers per unit of funds under management than is typical in our industry. That allows each of our investment professionals to get deeply and personally involved in the companies we invest in. That's because we have found that, when the inevitable difficulties arise in a company's path to success, having more experienced minds focusing on the problem tends to result in a better solution.