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Strategic Relationships

Forrester Research, Inc.
VIMAC has a unique relationship with Forrester Research (NASDAQ: FORR), a leading independent technology research firm. Forrester's analysts offer forward-thinking research and analysis that help its clients in the Global 2000 understand and take advantage of the opportunities created by emerging technologies in the business world. With its 2003 acquisition of Giga Research, Forrester has further broadened and deepened its coverage of technology research and advisory services.

Forrester, an investor in our VIMAC I.T. II (ESF), provides an unparalleled set of services to VIMAC and its portfolio companies. We use Forrester's research resources extensively in four areas:

  • Identifying high-potential sectors for investment focus
  • Performing due diligence on individual investment opportunities
  • Working with portfolio companies to position their offerings and define key customer segments
  • Helping portfolio managers and management teams frame partnership strategies that could lead to exit opportunities