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Life Sciences Fund

Investment Strategy & Focus
The VIMAC Milestone Medica Fund invests in companies that identify healthcare market needs and build unique life science or IT based products that address these needs.

Within the healthcare industry, we focus primarily on companies that develop life science-based products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, where our fund managers have spent most of their careers. Companies that develop IT or life science based products for other select healthcare verticals are also of interest as a result of their operating and investment experience in related healthcare segments.

Investment criteria
All investments are considered individually; however common characteristics we favor include:

  • Entrepreneurial management teams with vision, drive and relevant experience
  • Products that address large, shifting markets with high growth rates
  • Cutting-edge products with a proprietary position or clear competitive advantage
  • Realistic operating plans based on a thoughtful assessment of the risks of entering new target markets
  • Financing plans based on a consideration of the private financial markets and alternative investment opportunities
We prefer to invest in a company at its earliest financing stage and most of our investments are as a lead investor of the first institutional financing round. Later-stage investments are considered if there is an exceptional management team and a tremendous opportunity. All prospective portfolio companies meet initially with a VIMAC Milestone Medica fund manager, and eventually the entire partnership.