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Where We Are Going

Over the past five years U.S. corporations and consumers have spent over $4 trillion on products and services that take data and turn it into useful, meaningful and accessible information. These products are largely responsible for the remarkable gains in productivity that have redefined our economy and allowed us to create remarkable new sources of wealth.

Information Technology
Over the next five years we expect to find great new companies in the information technology arena that extend and enhance existing investments, that offer products allowing for easy, incremental adoption by users, and that are architected for implicit collaboration. Above all, these great companies will offer excellent customer experiences that hide complexity and deliver intuitive results in the most obvious manner.

Life Sciences
In life sciences, the next big wave has been born in a "perfect storm" of scientific discovery, demographics and mature enabling technologies. This confluence will allow advances and opportunities that rival those of the past decade in information technology. Revenues in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry alone are expected to grow by almost $300 billion over the next decade creating $1 trillion of new market capitalization.

This growth, based on the combination of molecular biology and digital age discovery techniques, will enable remarkable productivity gains in healthcare delivery as ancient practices begin to change. The winners over the next five to 10 years will be companies that discover and commercialize products and services that increase industry efficiency, reduce cost and provide a clear benefit to the fundamental changes taking place in healthcare delivery.