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What We Like

VIMAC's objective is to fund innovative early stage companies that show promise of market leadership. In choosing where to deploy capital, we are guided by our dictum that:

  • Great technologies do not produce great returns;
  • businesses that execute technologies to fulfill needs of the marketplace do.

Winning Characteristics
Though there will always be exceptions, our winning investments exhibit certain common attributes that include:

  • Deep innovation with strong intellectual property barriers.
  • Passionate and committed founders, preferably with some startup DNA.
  • Proof of application with a few commercial or beta customers.
  • High capital efficiency in each aspect of business.
  • A contrarian approach that shuns the flavor of the month/year.
  • Unflinching long term commitment to organic growth.
  • Willing to listen, accept mistakes, adapt, and move on.

Investment Themes – I.T. & New Materials
VIMAC's Information Technology team, over the next three years, will exploit two key market drivers the emergence of a seamlessly connected digital world and the evolution of new material technologies that break historic performance barriers. The former gives rise to investment opportunities primarily in software, consumer Internet and wireless, Web 2.0, and network infrastructure. Examples include adaptive self-healing networks and applications, home gateway, ubiquitous interactive content, and next-generation platforms for seamless and secure connectivity. The advanced enabling materials (high performance composites, nano-materials, thin films, MEMS, etc.) can revolutionize wide swaths of industries. Examples include energy production and storage, insulation, sensors, and homeland security. These emerging applications will offer VIMAC some of the most interesting investment opportunities.

Investment Themes – Life Sciences
In life sciences, the next big wave has been born in a "perfect storm" of scientific discovery, demographics and mature enabling technologies. This confluence will allow advances and opportunities that rival those of the past decade in information technology. Revenues in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry alone are expected to grow by almost $300 billion over the next decade creating $1 trillion of new market capitalization.

This growth, based on the combination of molecular biology and digital age discovery techniques, will enable remarkable productivity gains in healthcare delivery as ancient practices begin to change. The winners over the next five to 10 years will be companies that discover and commercialize products and services that increase industry efficiency, reduce cost and provide a clear benefit to the fundamental changes taking place in healthcare delivery.